How to serve a Cowell's Genuine Meringue

IMG_2285_1.jpgRosette Tower

Stack Cowell's Genuine Rosettes in a tower formation. Add fruit, chocolate or marshmallows to tower. Place bowl of fruit and cream beside and let your guests help themselves. Simple, easy and impressive!

IMG_2211_1.jpgPassionfruit Meringue Nests

Place Cowell's Genuine Small Meringue Nests in a uniform pattern on a flat serving dish. Whip 300ml cream until soft peaks form. Spoon cream in to the center of the nest, and drizzle passionfruit topping (or passionfruit pulp) over the top. Garnish wih real passionfruit pieces.

IMG_2267_1_1.jpgVery Berry Meringue

Place a single Cowell's Genuine Large Meringue Nest on to a serving plate (6 per packet). Spoon thickened cream in to the centre of the nest. Drizzle prepared berry coulis over the top. Garnish with real berries and mint.

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