Serving Suggestions from Pav-Lovers like you!

Do you have a fabulous serving suggestion? Email with your name and postal address. For every serving suggestion that is published on the website, you will receive a FREE Cowell's Genuine Pavlova Pen (offer valid for Auckland & Northland only).

Here are a selection of the best suggestions we've received for serving Cowell's Genuine Pavlovas.

Magnificent Maple - from Shirley of Ruakaka
Put a bottle of maple syrup in the fridge to chill for atleast 1 hour. Cream the pavlova and place in the fridge for 30 minutes to chill. Just before serving, pour the chilled maple syrup over the top of the cream. HINT - When at room temperature, maple syrup is too runny and does not give the desired topping effect.

Marshmallow Moment - from Lorraine of Farm Cove
I like to decorate my pavlovas with large pink and white marshmallows all around the edge with one in the middle and then a swirl of strawberry topping.

Granny's Delight - from Rosie of Murrays Bay
My Grandmother is unable to eat cream so every Christmas I treat her with a Cowell's Pavlova topped with dreamy lemon deluxe yoghurt drizzled with berry coulis and topped with a generous heap of fresh berries. Granny absolutely LOVES it!! For someone who loves pav but is unable to eat cream, this is a recipe for the most delectable and satisfying substitute!

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